Monday, October 09, 2006

Video Memory Lane

Spent a lot of today gathering up and converting old videos I've made in order to create a "reel" of my work so that I can drum up some more video production freelance business. It was fun to look at all the old stuff, but it is like memory lane and makes me miss some old friends that I used to work with on video and other creative endeavors.

Steve D - I still think your "Voice of Truth" text video was anointed.... and your detail work on "I'm doing fine" was flawless. You are most definitely gifted in video.

Nathan - Thanks for the tip on rotating still pix instead of just zooming or panning them. Your "Today" video is so great. Wish it were mine so I could put it on my reel!!

Kris - lots of good memories... Amos on Easter: "Praise the Lord! Praise the Lord! Praaaaaaaiiisse the Looooooooooooord!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Easter music with the Passion clips

Carol - I'm still amazed at those carrots!

Reed - T3 and eggs... outstanding

Gene and Harry - your concept, words, and video vision came together in an amazing way on the miner video

OK... enough memory lane.

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