Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Wow- what a week

Debbie has training this week for her new teaching job, so I'm working from home and watching our kids Tuesday through Friday. Not only that... we have two of Em's friends from Texas staying here with us this week and next. Craziness... so no time to post anything thoughtful.

Maybe in a day or two....

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Leadership Development Class

Our pastor is hosting a summer leadership development class for key leaders in our church. It's really great. Not only is it refining leadership skills in our leaders and potential leaders, but it is also clarifying our vision and values for these leaders and thereby creating more carriers of the vision -- more carriers of this multi-ethnic church virus.

Transmission of vision is never perfect, but it seems that when these 30 leaders dialogue weekly and face-to-face with the primary vision holder, the transmission has to be pretty good. It also helps that we aren't just discussing the theoretical but are digging each week into a real issue facing the church.

Among other things, today we talked about whether each leader in the group is a:

Which one are you? Are the other roles covered on the teams you are a part of?

Monday, June 18, 2007

At work!

This is an exciting day! Since we have been in Little Rock, I have been doing a few things at Mosaic, but mostly I have been fund-raising. Now with fund-raising at over $2000 per month and my video production business becoming more lucrative, I am able to focus less on fund-raising and dive into projects at Mosaic. I went to my first "staff meeting" today and left that meeting with a huge task that will have big impact in the logistics of going to two worship services here in September. I'm also (edit as of Wednesday) going to be co-leading Mosaic's LifeGroup ministry which kicks back up in Sept as well. Busy... but I love it!

I love being to the point where I can make an impact here. Glory to God for his provision not only in monthly gifts to our ministry but also in my expanding video production work. Thanks to those of you who faithfully give monthly to support our ministry financially. Thanks also for those of you who pray for us! We need it!

This is day one! The future is huge.

Please pray for these things:
- For many volunteers to step up and serve to make Sunday mornings awesome
- For LifeGroups at Mosaic to become exactly what God has in mind
- For continued and strengthened unity (a church with so many different kinds of cultures and backgrounds is hard to keep together without the work and grace of God)
- Debbie is looking for a teaching job. Had great interview today! Please pray that she gets just the right job for her purpose and passion.

- That my leadership in my family doesn't suffer now that I'm diving into work at church. For self-accountability's sake, these are the biggest things I'm working on for the family: 1) Helping us internalize the family values we decided upon a while back 2) Having a monthly "Family LifeGroup" where we talk about how things are going personally and in our family and pray for each other 3) Helping the kids make a couple of short films about the parables of the "Lost Coin" and the "Lost Sheep"

Random Summerness

Lazy morning for the kids... (Em wants you to know she is NOT sucking her thumb! She is eating a grape!)


We're keeping my parents' dog, Barnaby, while they are away...

More pix here...

Friday, June 15, 2007

A Blog I Like: Copyblogger

Just wanted to highlight one blog I like to read:

It's called Copyblogger (a play on the word "copywriter"). I always find it thought-provoking and helpful. Not just in the strict sense of writing copy, but also in terms of marketing, influencing people, etc.

As an example, I thought this post was very interesting. I usually think getting something to someone as fast as possible is the most helpful, most conscientious thing to do. But maybe that's not the best thing in all cases. I can think of two or three cases in life right now where delaying a bit may be the best choice.

Anyway... Copyblogger... check it out.

Thursday, June 14, 2007


I was reminded of this quote this week. I think it has huge implications.

"Vision isn't to be the best whatever. Vision is for everybody."

-- Benjamin Zander

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Who's running the place?

I heard someone say last week something that I thought was very insightful.

Designers see grand visions and get the ball rolling. Developers then come in to implement the vision. As long as the designers hold tight to their values and work closely with the developers, things go great. Once developed, pieces can be handed to managers to run day to day.

The problem comes if the managers are allowed to start running the place. In a quest for efficiency and cost savings, managers (if allowed) can unknowingly squeeze out the very things that made the place special, the things that could have made the original grand vision happen.

You wouldn't think this would happen. But it happens!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

DVD Studio Pro


I'm happy that this week I've finally jumped in to learn DVD Studio Pro for authoring DVDs of videos. Previously, I had used iDVD to create DVDs if the menu and "look" didn't matter. If the menu operation or "look" of the DVD menu DID matter, I'd get a friend to take that piece of the job.

DVD Studio Pro didn't turn out to be hard to learn. Just a few things in the user interface that weren't completely intuitive to me. Once I got through those, it was no problem. Powerful program!

Monday, June 11, 2007

Broken and poured

I briefly referenced this in a post before, but here's some more thought...

For those who are familiar with the "Lord's Supper", Eucharist, communion...

What does the "do this" in "do this in remembrance of me" mean?

a) Eat a cracker and drink some juice to remember what Jesus did

b) Be broken and be poured out for others

Sure, (a) is a powerful moment for the church body in remembrance together. But, what about (b)? Maybe we should take Jesus to say "do this" -- be broken for others as I am (symbolized by the bread); be poured out for others as I am (symbolized by the cup).

The next time a silver bowl of tiny manufactured bread-lets or a rugged hunk of real baked bread comes by in church, take it along with the cup of juice or wine. Bite down on the bread. Taste the wine. Worship Jesus for the incredible God that he is in giving his body and blood for you.

But lets take it a step further. Think about it beyond remembering what Jesus did with HIS body and blood. It can be a model for what WE are supposed to do... to be broken and poured out for others.

What good gifts (EU-CHARIS) are you giving your community or neighbor or friend or kids today?

[adapted from: Rob Bell via Scott Hodge]

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Life is amazing

It's amazing that this:

becomes this:


in no time!

More pix of our flowers here.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Google Map Street View and Photosynth

I think this is amazing...

This is even more amazing...

If you're intrigued with global connectedness and photography, you've GOT to check these out.

Monday, June 04, 2007

Video Project

This weekend I did a video project for the company I often work for. This time the project involved my family.

Here are some screen shots:








Sunday, June 03, 2007

Lots of great stuff...

... but no time to write about it right now.

Maybe tomorrow.