Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Significance tank

I find that I can endure anything when my significance tank is full. I can work on Saturday in the garage, do laundry, clean the kitchen, all kinds of mundane things if I've already had a good week of making an impact at work and home. If I haven't made enough impact yet in the week though, watch out! I won't give time to anything else until that significance tank is full.

I'm not sure if everyone tends to be like this, if it is men that tend to be like this, or if it is just me.

I like making a significant difference; I just need to watch out that I'm not addicted to significance.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

More on the Organization of Jesus

I'm looking in the Bible specifically for how Jesus built his "organization".

I continue today in Mark 3

A leader assesses the situation for potential problems and directs that wise provision be made. (Mark 3:9)

Mark 3:13-19 Forming the core team
1) Jesus knew who he wanted and called them to himself
2) He appointed 12 that they might be with him (he was confident that these 12 spending time with him would be good for them)
3) He appointed 12 that he might send them out to preach and to have authority to cast out demons

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Punishment that fits the crine

I was talking with a friend recently who said that it must've been a lot easier to get kids to do chores back in the old days on a farm when not doing chores had serious consequences. If you didn't take care of the chickens or cows, you wouldn't have food to eat.

That got me thinking. We'd have to force it a little, but maybe we could create stronger connections between chores and the consequences for undone chores. (I'm sure this has been done by millions of parents... but it's a new thought to me!)

Here are a few I thought of for my kids...
- If you don't hang your towel back on the hook in the bathroom, you don't get a towel the next evening for your bath. You have to put PJ's on your wet body.
- If you don't put your dinner dishes in the sink, those dirty dishes will be the ones you have at your place at the table for the first five minutes of the next meal.
- If you don't make your bed, you sleep on the floor the next night.

What are some more?

My friend said that if you whine about cleaning the bathroom you should have to go outside for the next day. That might be a little much!

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

I love meetings

Many people talk about hating meetings. Not me! I love meetings. Sure there are some unproductive, boring meetings. But I love meetings where progress is made, where issues are worked out, where relationships are built, where ideas are bounced around, where strategies are solidified, where vision is formed and seen, where value is brought to all meeting participants.

I guess this goes with one thing Colin Powell said at the Willow Creek Leadership Summit this year. Not strategies on paper... not rules set in stone... "only people make things happen."

I guess this is also why I'm becoming more and more about "coaching".

Monday, October 01, 2007

Cool photo

On Saturday, the family seemed to all want to stay in even though it was a beautiful day. So, I went hiking! I snapped this photo standing behind a waterfall and looking straight up.


The Organization of Jesus

Confession: Sometimes I spend too much time listening to the leadership ideas of people today instead of looking to Jesus for leadership wisdom. God, in the human flesh of Jesus, led an organization on earth... and it's documented!

Today I started looking at the gospel of Mark with a focused eye on how Jesus created and led his organization. These notes aren't polished; they are just what is hitting me as I read.


Recruiting: Jesus saw people who were busy at work, said “follow me”, and left it in their hands to decide whether to get up or stay put. (Mk 1:14-20)

Modeling: He showed his followers the importance of building his relationship with his Father (Mk 1:33-37)

Lead from purpose instead of following the clamor (Mk 1:37-39)

Jesus did not want certain people to tell about his healing them. Then they told anyway and made things hard for Jesus. (Mk 1:40-45)

Relate closely with followers: Call to Levi to “follow me” then Jesus ate at Levi’s house (Mk 2:14-15)

Use pictures to bring clarity (Mk 2:18-22) Cloth/wineskin: Some things don't work together. New people in an organization can feel like old or new wine in the opposite wineskin. What is it that makes new wine and old wineskins able to work together? Time.

Boldly take action in front of detractors to transform culture. (Healing on the sabbath right in front of people; Mk 3:5-6)