Monday, October 01, 2007

The Organization of Jesus

Confession: Sometimes I spend too much time listening to the leadership ideas of people today instead of looking to Jesus for leadership wisdom. God, in the human flesh of Jesus, led an organization on earth... and it's documented!

Today I started looking at the gospel of Mark with a focused eye on how Jesus created and led his organization. These notes aren't polished; they are just what is hitting me as I read.


Recruiting: Jesus saw people who were busy at work, said “follow me”, and left it in their hands to decide whether to get up or stay put. (Mk 1:14-20)

Modeling: He showed his followers the importance of building his relationship with his Father (Mk 1:33-37)

Lead from purpose instead of following the clamor (Mk 1:37-39)

Jesus did not want certain people to tell about his healing them. Then they told anyway and made things hard for Jesus. (Mk 1:40-45)

Relate closely with followers: Call to Levi to “follow me” then Jesus ate at Levi’s house (Mk 2:14-15)

Use pictures to bring clarity (Mk 2:18-22) Cloth/wineskin: Some things don't work together. New people in an organization can feel like old or new wine in the opposite wineskin. What is it that makes new wine and old wineskins able to work together? Time.

Boldly take action in front of detractors to transform culture. (Healing on the sabbath right in front of people; Mk 3:5-6)

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