Sunday, October 07, 2007

Punishment that fits the crine

I was talking with a friend recently who said that it must've been a lot easier to get kids to do chores back in the old days on a farm when not doing chores had serious consequences. If you didn't take care of the chickens or cows, you wouldn't have food to eat.

That got me thinking. We'd have to force it a little, but maybe we could create stronger connections between chores and the consequences for undone chores. (I'm sure this has been done by millions of parents... but it's a new thought to me!)

Here are a few I thought of for my kids...
- If you don't hang your towel back on the hook in the bathroom, you don't get a towel the next evening for your bath. You have to put PJ's on your wet body.
- If you don't put your dinner dishes in the sink, those dirty dishes will be the ones you have at your place at the table for the first five minutes of the next meal.
- If you don't make your bed, you sleep on the floor the next night.

What are some more?

My friend said that if you whine about cleaning the bathroom you should have to go outside for the next day. That might be a little much!

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