Saturday, January 13, 2007

Manage yourself, not the other person

There's only one person you can really manage... you!

Do you ever find yourself frustrated by the actions or inactions of others? Maybe someone isn't leading you just like you need to be led. Maybe someone does things that drive you crazy. Maybe someone has different work habits -- things like planning, organization, scheduling, priorities -- than you do. Often times in these cases we gripe and complain about that other person -- we try to "manage" that person into what we want them to be -- instead of managing our own lives.

If you don't like how someone is leading you, don't follow!

How can someone else actually drive you crazy??? Take charge!

If someone's work habits don't line up with yours, either make a conscious decision to be flexible for a season for certain reasons or say 'no' to the work.

Status quo is the enemy of truly managing ourselves and our situation. It's much easier to go with the normal flow (and gripe about it) than it is to make courageous decisions and manage our lives to a better place.

Don't let OTHERS keep YOU from doing what YOU are supposed to do.

Anxiety comes when we work on things that are not our business to work on (managing others)
Anxiety comes when we neglect things we are supposed to work on (managing ourselves)

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kris said...

well, yeah ... what he said!
you readin' a new book or somethin?