Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Developing my daughter

Emmaleigh and I had a great little dad/daughter time this morning. Every so often I like to make sure and spend some one-on-one time with each of my three kids. I couldn't decide where to take her so we just ended up at Starbucks for coffee, chocolate milk, and my favorite, Classic Coffee Cake.

On the way out the door I grabbed my binder full of notes from some life/professional coaching I received last year. These lessons have been priceless for me and I want to pass them along to others including my kids.

So... over coffee I shared with Em about "having an overcoming style" and "having consistent desires". I explained these concepts in a way a kid can understand with examples and also fun drawings. I wasn't sure how she'd respond to this semi-formal teaching from me, but she loved it. Later in the day we also got to relate one of these concepts to the scripture verse the kids are on today. As always happens, I sure later this week we'll have a chance to apply these concepts to real life together.

I love developing people!

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kris said...

excellent - isn't it fun when they start to 'get it'?