Monday, June 11, 2007

Broken and poured

I briefly referenced this in a post before, but here's some more thought...

For those who are familiar with the "Lord's Supper", Eucharist, communion...

What does the "do this" in "do this in remembrance of me" mean?

a) Eat a cracker and drink some juice to remember what Jesus did

b) Be broken and be poured out for others

Sure, (a) is a powerful moment for the church body in remembrance together. But, what about (b)? Maybe we should take Jesus to say "do this" -- be broken for others as I am (symbolized by the bread); be poured out for others as I am (symbolized by the cup).

The next time a silver bowl of tiny manufactured bread-lets or a rugged hunk of real baked bread comes by in church, take it along with the cup of juice or wine. Bite down on the bread. Taste the wine. Worship Jesus for the incredible God that he is in giving his body and blood for you.

But lets take it a step further. Think about it beyond remembering what Jesus did with HIS body and blood. It can be a model for what WE are supposed to do... to be broken and poured out for others.

What good gifts (EU-CHARIS) are you giving your community or neighbor or friend or kids today?

[adapted from: Rob Bell via Scott Hodge]

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