Saturday, October 07, 2006

Need your creative brains

They say that 92.5% of protestant and Catholic churches in the U.S. have one race representing at least 80% of the congregation. We've become acquainted with some people who are trying to change this by creating more churches where people of all ethnic backgrounds can come together.

I'm possibly going to be helping these people with producing a vision-casting video and I need to find a great song for it. So.... question for you...

What's the most powerful song you know about racism, coming together, and love? It could be directly about racism or it could be a song that paints a picture of diverse people joined. I'm looking for something on the edgy side.

Speaking of videos... I was looking at this again this week and I still think this Invisible Children Global Night Commute video is one of the coolest videos ever.


Ryan said...

Hey Allen,

It's not super upbeat, but "One" by U2 is an amazing song. Delirous? has a lot of stuff that might be good for you to check out. Anything centering around thoughts of unity might be cool...let us know what you decide

Thame said...

"He Reigns" by the Newsboys might work. It speaks directly to the issue.

Here's a link where you can hear it by following the prompts, etc.

God bless!