Wednesday, October 18, 2006


I've been talking again with some people about memorizing Scripture, so it thought I'd resurrect an old old post I made last year on that subject.

The only change I would make now to that plan is that I think I was a little aggressive in that post to suggest learning a new verse every day. Now, I'm thinking that a new verse twice a week is a better pace.


Who is up for memorizing Ephesians 2:1-10 over the next five weeks?

awarriorprincess has expressed interest and a couple of others might join in as well. Everyone is welcome. Just comment back to let me know you are in.

Each Monday and Thursday we will learn a new verse. On this blog I'll lead us through tackling new verses on Mondays and Thursdays and I'll remind us how to be practicing the other days of the week.

Let's also share via comments the riches that God is showing us in His word as we memorize together. Also share in comments how the actual memorizing is going.



kimberly said...

Ok, I am in.

Ryan said...

Hey Allen,

I don't have any video up right now, but I'm working on getting some up. I might just shoot it up on Google, or YouTube. I'll let you know

Gwen said...

ok, I'm in. I've linked you today. You know that verse a day is why I call you MeanGuy :)Going now to read the old post.

What version will we be memorizing?

Beth said...

I'm in.

Andy said...

I just completed memorizing Ehpesians and will be "performing" it at the church I attend in a few weeks. This was the first time I memorized a large portion of Scripture and I learned so much about Paul's theology and how he applies it practically, it was amazing. Keep it up! It is well worth the energy invested.