Sunday, August 13, 2006

Reunion Church

Today my family visited Reunion Church which meets in downtown Dallas at the convention center. What a refreshing time! I love meeting people of different cultures and backgrounds. This church is such a diverse group. Their vision is to have lots of races, ethnic groups, colors, social backgrounds, etc worshipping and growing together now... not just to wait for that to happen in heaven.

As the pastor said today, there is no "South Heaven" or "East Side" of Heaven. We'll all be together in a beautiful crowd. Why can't that start here and now?!

The other refreshing part about Reunion was their authenticity. Though some would think the congregation is too large to do it, each week they pass around a microphone for people to share about their life and journey. The pastor said basically "If you came just to hear a message, listen to it on the radio... we are here to care about each other." People shared about their lost friends, their search for direction, their sister desparately needing wisdom in a tragic situation, their friends who started back into drugs and alcohol. I started to think... man, these people have some serious problems. Then I quickly realized... these people may have different problems... but they don't have worse problems than anyone else. It's just that they know they have problems, they are willing to share their problems, and they know God can handle their problems.

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