Thursday, August 10, 2006

Leadership Summit - 2006 - #1

I'm attending the Willow Creek Leadership Summit today, Friday and Saturday.

Thought I would post some of the things I noted...

Session #1
Bill Hybels talked about the Life Cycle of a Leader

Hybels believes a leader who changes and grows can continue increasing impact until his/her dying day.

In your 20's you can lead with mostly heart and passion.
Soon, though, you need to develop skills.
Next comes raising up leaders to take on significant roles... but don't stop there, or your best leaders will leave!
Elevate a few great leaders to lead at the top with you... give them huge responsibilities... morph your role to accomodate new leaders.

Good leaders aren't power hungry, but they are impact hungry.

Pointers on learning:
1) Read all you can on leadership (always have two leadership books in your briefcase)
2) Go where leadership is taught
3) Be around great leaders and ask questions
4) Keep leading something or you'll lose your edge


Amanda said...

Hey. I am new to all this blogger stuff. Can you help me out with a few things?

Amanda said...

Like, What can I do on here? How do I get people to come to my site?

Amanda said...

k. thanks.

-Ryan said...

Hey Allen, hope the conference is great. Here's a link with some background on the guys in that video.

kris said...

those are great insights ... he is still a highlight of the conference, isn't he? even w/ all those 'hi-profile' people, i still enjoy hearing what 'Bill' has to say.