Friday, August 11, 2006

Leadership Summit - 2006 - #2

Session 2 of the Summit was James Meeks. He is the pastor of Salem Baptist Church of Chicago. He talked about church growth.

One of his biggest points for me was when he said, "You've got to preach the annoucements."

We can't expect a great food collection or evangelistic push or service day in the community to happen just through a plain annoucement made at the end of the servvice. We have to PREACH the annoucements. Passionately put the annoucement in terms of a great biblical story and make the sermon application be "MEET US TOMORROW OUT IN THE COMMUNITY TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE!". Words written in all caps is the best I can do at capturing the intensity of this great African-American preacher, leader and visionary.

Also... before I forget to say this... if you are having any type of difficult times in your life, go buy the song "Call on Jesus" by Nicole C. Mullen and listen intently to it at high volume on a great stereo system. She sang it live at the Summit... amazing.

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kris said...

i couldn't agree more w/ your comments here. if there's a dis-connect between our message and our announcements, whatever 'thing' we're announcing is probably a waste of our time and energy. either it is relevant to the mission or not worth doing ....

sorry i missed NCM - did she sing on Fri afternoon or saturday?