Friday, August 18, 2006

Leadership Summit - 2006 - #4

Peg Neuhauser spoke about "Tribal Warfare".

Here are a few highlights for me in regard to resolving conflict:

1) Think a lot BEFORE a meeting aimed at discussing a conflict. Before the meeting, work to be able to state the other person's position or feelings as clearly (or even more clearly) than he or she can.

2) Each time there is a conversation aimed at conflict resolution between two people or between groups of people there are four possible impacts to the relationship. You are either:
- building it
- maintaining it
- repairing it
- damaging it

Those are the only four choices. Ignoring that a conflict exists is in the "damaging it" category.

3) DISCIPLINE yourself to LISTEN

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kris said...

almost word for word what i wrote in my notes during her session...

love the 'dad' pix - was it fun?