Wednesday, August 16, 2006

A Dad Moment

OK... so my daughter is out walking around several streets of our neighborhood with her friends selling something for their school's fundraising campaign. She's supposed to be home at 5:30pm but at 5:37pm she wasn't home. I'm not worried but just feeling the foreshadowing of things in years to come.

Dinner was ready at 5:30pm so I had to decide whether were we going to wait on her and eat as a family or go ahead with our meal.

Should I "ground" her for missing "curfew"? Should I sit in the living room chair with arms crossed waiting for her to walk in LATE?

So weird... feels like I've fast forwarded to the teen years.

(In case you are worrried... she's home fine... at 6:02!!!)


So she had to eat cold dinner and got no dessert.

Imagine an angry, whiny-voiced daughter...

her - "I don't see why it's such a big deal" pout pout

me (fatherly) - "Keeping track of the time and getting home when expected is a skill you need to learn"

her (more animated and whiny) - "But how can I know what time it is?"

me (semi-sarcastically) - "You look at your watch."

her - "But it's easier for you... your watch is on your wrist... mine is in my pocket where I have to reach in and dig it out!"

Stomps upstairs...

Alex tattles giggling: "She had 'whatever' eyes."


rhonda said...

Oh, boy! You are getting in really good practice for the years ahead. I asked Audrey once "are you going to stick with that lie or come up with a new one?" Her answer? "I'm sticking with this one!" Raising kids is, well, fun - right?

kris said...

fun...?? oh yes, allen, the fun has only JUST begun!

(you did the right thing, though -- 1/2 an hour is pretty late, IMHO.)

Rusty said...

kind of reminds me of myself when I was younger!