Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Vision Casting Team?

Steven Furtick's "copy of a copy" post has me thinking. Growth causes us to delegate out many things through creating teams. Maybe we need to have a select group of people, a team if you will, that we coach to cast the vision. I've heard of lots of teams in churches, but what about some sort of "vision casting team"? (This is not to be confused with a 'vision team' assembled to figure out what the vision is!) The more people involved in thinking with the pastor about how to convey the vision to others the more passionate and accurate vision-casters we'll have. And, if the pastor has to teach others how to cast the vision, his own vision will become even clearer.

Other things I think are important in spreading the vision among growing populations:

Small Group leaders teaching the vision to their small groups

Staff and ministry leader performance evaluations infused with discussions about whether they are getting the vision and living the values.


kris said...

this all makes my head hurt. not that i don't think you're onto something, but just that i suspect many churches think they are doing just that ... and aren't doing it at all.

so ... leads to frustration of leaders and lack of motivation for members ... yadda, yadda, yadda ....

i think i'll go back to video editing - makes my head hurt less! ;-)

Allen Arnn said...

Agree, Kris. Churches think they are casting their vision clearly, but they aren't. We need to be intentional and come up with the best ways to cast the vision.