Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Blogging Idol Live

So I'm checking itunes music store to check out all the old Bon Jovi songs seeing what the contestants are going to pick to sing tonight.

Phil - good
Jordin - pretty good on a difficult song
Lakisha - great but she won't go much further
Blake - really surprised me - good
Chris - not good... and the way he moves always makes me nervous... irritating
Melinda - fantastic singer but won't win... not young, cool enough to be Idol

Man... this is getting hard. I only want to lose Chris R and nobody else.

I think Chris and Lakisha might be gone.

If Jordin is gone this week just because of tonight's weaker perforance that's sad.

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Peg said...

Hey, Al - on AI:

Phil - really good
Lakisha - great tonite - but not seemingly a happy person
Blake - awesome but not my style
Chris - gonna go but wanted him to stay because he's from here
Jordin - hated the song and hair but 17? Great
Melinda - Unbelievable - love her! Sad to think that that gift isn't going to be number 1 but it might not!

On the other things you hate: what do you mean on the welcome part? Charlie and I could't figure it out.