Thursday, May 03, 2007

American Idol

I like the final four. I thought Phil was pretty good, but having him and Chris go is OK with me.

From here my prediction in order of leaving is:

Winner: Jordin

We'll see!!


Peg said...

I'm happy with the final 4 too but I don't think you're order is right (least I hope it's not):

Melinda (WINNER)

Did you hear Greg is getting married tomorrow night?

Allen Arnn said...

Like I said.. we'll see!!!!!!!!

Yes I did know, but I'm cracking up that you are telling me about Greg getting married on my blog.

Peg - but probably should have said Anonymous! said...

I know - as soon as I hit "send" or whatever it's called, I thought it was weird that I did that but I know you look at your blog all the time and figured you wouldn't want to be the last to know! It's not like there's been time for a huge announcement or anything!!!! Shoot, they haven't even been together long enough to go through PMS yet! OK - don't say I said that!!!! Love you!

Allen Arnn said...