Sunday, May 13, 2007


So Debbie and I are trying to get back to eating right and exercising after a few months of craziness with our move, etc.

Deb found a website called It's free and works great. We've both signed up and are on day three entering every food we eat and trying to stay in our correct calories, fat, carbs, etc.

It's funny how you eat less frequently when you know you're gonna have to go through the trouble of logging all that stuff in.

It also lets you keep track of cardio workouts and strength workouts. I'm tracking cardio, but logging every strength exercise is too tedious for me. So, though I'm doing some strength work, I'm not logging it.


merideth75 said...

We're doing the same....ugh!! No, really, it hasn't been that bad, except for Jason has lost about 7 or 8 pounds already and I haven't lost any!!! :( I've discovered that I really like oatmeal in the mornings. Do you eat it? It's really supposed to help with cholesterol! Good luck with your "eating healthier"! (I hate calling it a "diet"! haha!)

merideth75 said...

ryc on my xanga....i love MIRACLE WHIP LIGHT!! i have eaten it for years now and i never have been able to tell the difference. just don't get the miracle whip free. It's NASTY!!!!!!!!! lol!