Monday, April 23, 2007

Reading, Listening, and Memorizing

I found a new resource today. This page has the audio reading of the New International Version of the Bible. I chose the Flash version and it worked great.

Today I was reading in Daniel and so I also listened to the Bible while I was reading it.

I like listening to the spoken word as I read. Listening forces me to slow down and take in the story instead of skimming along and rehearsing familiar landmarks in the text.

Two things struck me today:
Daniel 1 - Daniel decided not to eat the royal food of the enemy king and counted on God to make him look as physically healthy and strong as those who did. In the same way, God can give us favor with people or make us "fit in" even when we decide not to do some of the things the crowd does.

Daniel 2 - "there is a God in heaven who reveals mysteries."

I want to get back to memorizing passages of scripture. But, I'm not sure what to work on. Any ideas?

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kris said...

loved your observations .....