Tuesday, April 03, 2007

News and Thoughts

--- Today I went up to church to work on a video project they have going (even though I'm not really supposed to work until I raise 75% of my monthly support). I've got to be careful not to run into doing stuff at church to the neglect of finishing my fundraising.

--- Sunday at Mosaic was awesome. The message was about how we've really only waded out ankle deep in the love Christ has for us and in the love that is possible in the body of the church. The love of Christ is an ocean to swim in. A story was shared with great authenticity about two of the staff members who, through hard conversation and spiritual revelation, are mending their relational and racial differences. Powerful.

--- I spent part of today working on a freelance video project for the same company I've been working for.

--- The kids had another good day at school.

--- I saw the following on a blog that I read:

CHARACTER - The INTENTION to do the right thing.

COMPETENCE - Knowing HOW to do the right thing.

INFLUENCE - Their ABILITY to deliver and execute the right thing.

Here's what I commented on that blog:
That's good... as long as the "INTENTION" mentioned is a true and action-oriented intention so strong that it moves us to work hard toward COMPETENCE and INFLUENCE. I think that INTENDING or being WILLING to help (at least in the conventional weaker sense of "willing") doesn't reveal as much character as becoming and being ABLE to help do.

What do you think?

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