Friday, April 06, 2007

Good talk with Alex tonight

We went to the Good Friday service at Mosaic tonight. We talked a little about the possibility of the Lord's Supper and that always raises some stuff with Alex. A little while into the service I decided to see if Alex wanted to go to the back of the room and talk. He did. So we talked about these things...

How old is God?
How can Jesus be God's son and be God?
How do I know God is real?
If I reach down my throat will I feel the hair of the Holy Spirit's head?

I asked a bunch of questions and told him some things about Jesus' death, his payment for our sin, his resurrection, his prep of our forever place in heaven... on the best 6-year-old level I could manage.

We talked about how God is good and we are not. He lit up, said "yeah", and started singing "God is Good, I know he is, he's good all the time." (Thanks Aunt Meri for ministering to my kid)

He says he's prayed for Jesus to save him... but he sometimes says that Jesus is saving him from crocodiles and from falling into the ocean.

We didn't end up having the Lord's Supper at Mosaic tonight, but I'm glad it made us have this talk. I think Alex is close to embracing what Jesus did for us if he has not done so already in his 6-year-old way.

Please pray for him to increasingly trust in the love, grace, and power of Jesus.


Steve said...

That's awesome! I especially liked the question about touching the hair on the Holy Spirit's head!

kris said...

what a special moment ... great stuff.