Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Back out on a video trip tomorrow

This time I'm heading down to Houston to assist a friend with a shoot of a training seminar. Should be fun and not quite as complicated as last weeks shoot. Using two Panasonic HVX200's (that's what the rental house had on short notice). Haven't used that cam before so it should be cool to try it out. I wish we were shooting in HD and using a P2 workflow on that cam, but getting up to speed on all of that is beyond the scope of this project. And besides, I'm not the one editing the final product and the one who is has Final Cut Express which I don't believe handles DVCPRO HD.

For those who didn't understand a word of this, check back tomorrow when I'm back down out of the techie clouds.


debbiearnn said...

Pardon me while I visit the chiropractor. I've injured myself trying to examine all these things flying over my head!

kris said...

hah! i was there and it's still all 'blah .... blah .... blah' to me!