Friday, April 20, 2007

Feeling awful

I guess it must be Texas allergies or something, but I feel bad. I'm at Love Field in Dallas waiting to fly back to Little Rock. I could have gotten stand by on the 6:50pm flight that was delayed til 8:40pm, but I figured if it got delayed further it might even be later than my scheduled 9:20pm flight. And, besides the delay was a maintanence issue which caused the plane to turn around and return to Houston. Not good... anyway...

Our video shoot today went pretty well. Now the editing begins.

It was fun to stay with Kris K and Tom. Thanks guys for your amazing hospitality. That water bed with down comforter was the comfiest thing ever. Kris, I ended up with your coffee mug from today. I'll bring it back to you next week!

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kris said...

man - i hate that you're feeling sick. i hope you get over it soon. no worries about the coffee mug - i have a few. :) hey, you're welcome here anytime!