Saturday, September 09, 2006

The Tower of Babel ---- and cheese dip!

Continuing to look at the stories of the Bible. Yesterday was the tower of Babel - Genesis 11:1-9

The people were building the city and tower for two reasons:
1) to make a name for themselves
2) so that they could have a strong place to live and thus not be scattered

God said, "If as one people speaking the same language they have begun to do this, then nothing they plan to do will be impossible for them." I don't think God was saying "Oh my God :) ... if I don't do something they are going to get too powerful." I think God wanted to rescue people from thinking that they could do things without Him.

Someone might use this Babel story to argue against having ambition or drive. I don't see it that way. I think ambition is fine. It's the motivation that was the problem here. These people wanted to make a name for themselves and a place of safety. I think ambition is good if our goal is to make a name for God in our culture and to "be scattered" wherever He leads.

Jesus was certainly driven but it wasn't to do his own will but the will of the Father.


On another note...
A while back our favorite favorite favorite Mexican restaurant of 30+ years closed it's doors and the owner passed away. We didn't think we'd ever get that chili con queso (in Arkansas it's called cheese dip) or salsa (in Arkansas we call it hot sauce)again. Well... a few weeks ago my dad's friend gave him a recipe for the cheese dip and hot sauce. So... when our whole extended family converged on central Arkansas for a mini-reunion last weekend we made a big deal out of cooking the dip and sauce and trying it together.





Stirring flour and butter into roux...

Stirring in milk...

Melting in Velveeta and adding spices...

Stirring... stirring.... stirring... heating.... turn up the heat.... stirring... stirring... will this stuff ever thicken up????

YES! Finally thickened up!!

We bought chips from a local mex restaurant and heated them in the oven to simulate the restaurant experience.

And............... it was GOOOOOOOD!


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kris said...

oh wow - that is so cool!
is it legal to actually buy velveeta...?