Thursday, September 21, 2006

It's been a while

Man... things are busy. Someone told me this week... "you need to find a job so that you won't be so busy!" :)

It's late, so I won't write much. But I would ask you to pray for me. I had a phone interview today with a church I'd REALLY like to work for and the job is REALLY something I'd like to do. I knew the role there was solidly in my interest area but during the interview today I realized that it is even more in line with my passions than I had thought it would be.

Early to mid next week will be the critical time for decisions on their end concerning whether to continue with me to the next step of the interview process.

Appreciate your prayers for God's direction and for the right doors to open.


kris said...

wow - that is so cool. are you optimistic about the way the interview went -- do you know how many/if other candidates they're talking to?

we will definitely keep this on the prayer list at our house ... keep us posted!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update! How exciting that God continues to clarify your direction. You know we'll be praying for God's abounding favor as they take the interview dialogue and determine the best fit for the position.

I'll also pray that God will give you peace and assurance as you await the next step in the process.

Check out Isaiah 41:10,11!


-Ryan said...

I'll be praying for you. That sound great! Hope it all works out...