Sunday, September 10, 2006

Emerge City Church

Our family attended a brand new church plant today... Emerge City Church which meets off Custer in McKinney, TX. It's a cool group. The pastor and his wife moved here from Brisbane City Church in Australia to plant the church. Lots of life and passion. Being from Australia, his message related Steve Irwin to Jesus' disciples. Very cool.

It's great to have these missionaries from Australia coming here to help move the kingdom forward. But, I hope increasing numbers of established local churches will also join in and plant some of these new high-energy, high-influence communities. Churches have life cycles -- we must reproduce ourselves!


-Ryan said...

I am 100% with you Allen. It seems to me that Jesus always had a "bring them in to send them out" mind set. We should be working to cultivate a reproducing culture in our local families.

kris said...

yes ... i was sitting here wondering why it takes a guy from Aus. to plant a church in TX.
(NOT that i have anything against the aussies)

anxious to hear more about it ...

Merideth said...

hey bro,
just wondering what's up with y'all??? any news?
love, M

Carlos said...

10 days with no post is too long my friend.