Saturday, September 23, 2006

Creating Culture

For the past few months, we've been concentrating on what our values are as a family. We are still fleshing those out but we know they include: respecting and honoring all people, loving God's Word and following Jesus, and sticking close together as a family.

This week I started thinking about another aspect of leading my family. One of the functions of a leader is "culture creator". So... what kind of culture am I creating in my family? What kind of culture should I be creating? What attributes of family life fall into the "culture" category and what falls into the "values" category. I'm thinking that maybe culture is the "soft" stuff or the fertile ground where values can become increasingly strong.

I'm just starting to think about this. Anyone have insight on the relationship between culture and values in the family or elsewhere?

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kris said...

interesting question.

i see what you're saying, but my initial response was that your values will drive your culture, rather than the other way around.

i'm thinking that once you agree to things/ideas you value, your actions musn't contradict them. your behavior then, is the thing that creates your family's culture.

i'm not sure that's right - i could see your point as well. ultimately, maybe it matters not -- cuz unless the 2 go hand in hand your living in a culture of hypocrisy.