Friday, September 08, 2006

I wonder how I would have felt on the ark

For personal Bible study lately I've just been revisiting the stories of the Bible and doing SOAP on them (read S-cripture, Observe, Apply, Pray)

Yesterday I was on Noah and the flood.

I wonder what it would be like to be floating on a big boat for months with family and a gazillion animals. I would imagine that everyone was ready to find some land and get off of that ship. The thing that caught my eye upon this reading of the story was that Noah didn't disembark on the first muddy hill he saw sticking up out of the water. He waited until the "earth was completely dry" and until "God said to Noah, 'Come out of the ark'."

Noah did his part. He kept an eye on the situation outside the ark and he did his part in sending out the dove three times to gain intelligence. As much as he probably wanted to rush things, he must have been tempered by a weight of great responsibility. He was in charge of getting the remnant of God's living creation back to safety on land. He wasn't hasty. He wisely waited until the land was completely dry, and then he heard the confirming voice of God.

How does this apply to your life?


On another note... Getting into tennis again! I've played a few times lately and I'm loving it. This morning I rented a basket of balls and worked on my pathetic serve for about an hour. Getting better... need to find some people to play.

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kris said...

loved your take on the Noah story. i can apply it in about 8 different ways. the most obvious is for me to 'wait' on decisions that are weighing on me right now. God will show me -- but i need to be watchful so i don't miss it!

i'd offer to play tennis w/ you ... but ... well ... you've seen me play. 'nuf said.