Tuesday, November 06, 2007

What is God up to?

I love how I've gotten to do some very different things.

Worship leading
Master's degree in Electrical Engineering
Implanting ions into silicon
Technical production team leadership
Hurricane relief
LifeGroup ministry leadership
Video production for a restaurant chain
and now adding some development and operational leadership in children's ministry (of all things!...I never thought I'd spend a morning reading preschool curriculum!)

God just keeps moving me around and adding new experiences. Some people would be driven crazy by that. Not me... I love digging into new areas and helping to develop them.

It does make me wonder what is in my future. Will I continue to move around to different areas to help develop them? That would be fine for me. Or... is all of this going to play together in some way? Either way, I'm having fun.


Kris said...

well, He has to do something to keep you busy since you made room for the brain he gave you!

Allen Arnn said...