Monday, November 26, 2007

The leadership of Jesus - Mark 5

I continue to look at the Biblical book of Mark for clues into how Jesus led his organization. Today I'm struck by how Jesus seems to be able to do anything. Well duh... he is God. One minute he is teaching his disciples, the next he is healing people, the next... who knows!!

But, the point I take today is this. He can do everything, but only because he is God. People so often set up organizations with all kinds of roles whose "job descriptions" are to do everything for the people under them. To some degree we are asking them to be little gods who can do everything. We ask them to hire, to train, to inspire, to organize, to develop, to manage, to care, to report, to administrate, to... to... to.

The model of Jesus' organization is that everyone is good at and gifted for only a thing or two. All together they work as a body, not as an endless leadership hierarchy.

I'm going to explore this here for the next few days. Join in the conversation!

Tomorrow: Short order cooks, French restaurants, and the leadership of Jesus

Later in the week: Urgent vs important, hierarchy vs body

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Kris said...

interesting ... i am curious to see where this goes.
oh, and btw - love the pics of the kids!