Friday, November 02, 2007

Building community at our church

Each month on the third Sunday at our church we have a "community meal" after morning worship. This month we arranged the tables in a new way to cause people to more likely sit with those they don't know instead of just with their usual circles of friends. We also had cards at the tables with some questions aimed at spurring conversation.

I thought the changes helped a lot. I saw people mingled in diversity even more than usual.

My favorite thing from the day was seeing my tiny, smiling 4-year-old daughter and a really big older African-American gentleman sitting right next to each other as our family sat adjacent to theirs. Wish I had a photo...

I'm so glad that my kids are in an environment that fosters comfort with people different from them.

Thanks Mom, Dad, and Rob for helping us with the rearrangement of the table and chairs.

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