Thursday, July 06, 2006

Ups and downs

These days are such roller coasters with my job transition. I'll be depressed or discouraged or lazy... but then something will happen to turn the day around.

Today I got connected with some pastors that I hope to seek some wisdom from.

Also, a bizarre thing happened today. If we end up moving far from Dallas I'll probably sell my car that I just bought in February. When I bought it, the dealer guy said he'd have bought my car for himself if I hadn't decided to buy it. Today, I saw that guy in the grocery store. I was surprised to see him since I've just been wondering if he would still like to buy my car. But it was even weirder than that... he told me that earlier today he'd seen a car just like mine (but black) at Sam's Club and he'd been thinking of ME. I told him I might want to sell him my car... he gave me his card.

Not trying to make too much of that... but it sure was nice to have that guy come across my path again if he'd be a quick and easy sale of my car soon.


kris said...

ok ... i appreciate that you aren't wanting to make 'too much of that' -- but i just think it's too freaky NOT to mean something!

i cannot wait to see how God unfolds this next chapter for you guys ....

Parke said...

Ha, she is right. It sounds pretty wild on it's own. I pray that you have clarity on things soon.

And congratulations on being the father of the birthday girl. I stop by your wife's site now and again, but I'm not a registered Xangaite.