Monday, July 10, 2006

Played tennis today (well sort of)

I've played tennis on and off most of my life. Since we've had kids, it's been mostly "off", but today instead of just working out at the boring gym I decided to go hit balls against the wall at the tennis center. (OK some might say that's boring too, but I think it's more fun). It was good to hit balls again. I'll switch up the workout... sometimes I'll hit at the wall in such a way as to purposefully alternate forehand and backhand shots. At other times I'll hit balls purposefully angled away from reach so that I have to run make the shot.

Man... this is a really boring post... but I'm trying to post more... so there you go!


debbiearnn said...

wha? what'd you say?

Allen Arnn said...

I know... I think I was asleep when I typed it.

chumly said...

Not really. My brother in law is a hand ball freak and it is interesting. I always wondered about using a tennis racquet.

kris said...

hey, if it's such a boring post, how's come you have more comments already than any other post from the last 2 weeks..?????

actually, i thought it was kind of nice and gives us a little insight into who you are .... zzzzzzzzzzz.

JUST KIDDING!!!!!!!!!!

Allen Arnn said...

Chumly - welcome... did you just run across my blog? They actually do have walls made for hitting tennis balls on for practice... even with a painted line for the net.

Kris - I know... boring and lots of comments... weird

Debbie - go back to sleep