Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Gazebo Blend

I don't go to Starbucks much anymore these days. If I do it's just for drip coffee. The days of white mochas everyday are over... ($4 a day -- what were we thinking Sharon?) Anyway... I went in for drip coffee the other day and saw a new blend called "Gazebo". If you know me you know that I don't try new foods or drinks often. The coffee blend tag line "bold and citrusy" almost scared me away but I was brave and tried it. I loved it. Now I go everyday hoping they'll have Gazebo on tap. Here's something funny... today I actually (briefly) considered calling my two starbucks near work to see which one was serving Gazebo today. I didn't call but I went to one of my Starbucks... and they were serving it. Yea! Then... I heard the bad news... Gazebo is only a seasonal offering.

Call your Starbucks... heck call your congressman... we need Gazebo to stay!


kris said...

welcome to the world of drip coffee!!!

debbiearnn said...

Honey, you scare me.
I think you really ARE a FOODIE!!!!
or a DRINKIE...

umm....never mind.

Buggy-Buggy said...

Bro - you've got to get out more. Welcome to the world of drip!! There's more to explore. . .if you take the chance!!