Saturday, July 01, 2006

Each Day a Step Forward

First... our computer is fixed! Apple's free repair of the video/power defect did the trick.

In our household these days we are trying to make a step forward each day. This goes for my job search and for getting our household ready to move wherever God takes us. Last week we were working on the downstairs... this weekend the upstairs... garage cleanup and house repairs will follow until we are ready to move.

On another note... I took Alex out with me this morning. We got donuts and Starbucks. Then, we went to look at motorcycles (we both like them and want one someday). Last time we went to the Yamaha store, but this time it was the Harley store. Man, that is a culture within itself... the customers mostly drove their Harleys there. The customers are all wearing Harley clothes and looking at more Harley clothes to buy. One guy was pushing a baby in a stroller. Sure nuf, the baby was wearing Harley overalls. Loads of cool motorcycles.

Alex sat on several bikes and then tried on some helmets and two size 5 leather motorcycle jackets.

On the way out of the Harley store we saw that next door was a brand new Honda motorcycle store. We'll have to visit that one next time.

After the Harley store we weren't quite done hanging out so we just had to go to Sonic for a slush and Coke.

Proud of my boy... he's growing up.


kris said...

the mind picture of Alex on a harley is makin' me smile ... :)

Deana said...

especially with his new spikey hair!