Saturday, December 31, 2005

Three Billys and a Benno

We spent most of today assembling Ikea furniture and re-arranging our house. I love ikea. Not just for the good prices on sturdy furniture, but more because going to Ikea feels like you are stepping out into the cosmopolitan realm. You see people from all over the world. It's a touch of cosmopolitan, urban life in our boring suburb.

For pix of today's adventure go to my flickr

The adventure ended tonight when Debbie's mom had to be taken from the rehab hospital to the emergency room for uncontrollable blood sugar. The hospital got it stabilized. Still some concerns though...

Gotta run...

Happy New Year!

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stinkowoman said...

I love IKEA, too! When i moved from my apartment into community, I sold all my things, drove 5 hours to Chicago then Pittsburgh, and spent it all on IKEA furniture.