Sunday, December 25, 2005

No longer in the lead!

I've always been ahead of my parents as far as obtaining technology goes. They still had a camcorder that took VHS tapes til last year. They also were still using a Sony Mavica digital still camera which took floppy disks. They could fit 20 jpegs on a single 1MB floppy disk.

This all changed Saturday night when my Mom opened a gift from my Dad. It was a new digital camera. I figured it was probably 5 megapixels like mine. I was so glad to see my mom (who loves to take pictures) be able to abandon those floppy disks. She didn't get into the camera box immediately but sat it aside to open other presents.

I waited and waited for her to get into the camera but then curiousity got the best of me. I went over to take a look for myself. It wasn't 5 megapixels like mine. It is 7.1 MEGAPIXELS.

Ok... I'm jealous... Mom and Dad I have to say you are the new technology leaders in our family.

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niza said...

thanks for your encouragement