Friday, December 16, 2005

A conversation I had

I had a very interesting conversation this morning with a guy while I was working out at the rec center. He is originally from India, has spent time in the northern US, and is looking to leave our suburb near Dallas to head back north as fast as he can. He says that as a result of Sept 11, he finds the southern US to be very skeptical of him. He can feel the discrimination often down here and says that there is a lot less of a condemning eye on him in the north.

It's sad to me that we in the Bible Belt still can't impact our culture to embrace people from every land. We are so behind.

It's also sad that this gentleman says he needs to go soon to England or another European country to receive some medical care he needs. If Republicans are going to be for small government and personal responsibility in caring for people in need here and around the world then churches and conservatives need to step up and take care of the needs. I think many try to have the best of both worlds... they want to control most of their own money and then they use most of the money on themselves.

I was really energized by meeting this new friend this morning. World concerns and people from around the globe keep popping up in my life. In our conversation, I tried to downplay any role I have in the church since it seemed that being down on the politics in the south led him to also be down on the evangelical church. I did gently but boldly weave the gospel naturally into the conversation. I apologized for the discrimination he feels in the south and I offered to pray for him and his needs right there on the spot. He was a little apprehensive but consented. I prayed for him.

I'd ask you to pray from him too. He has no job. He has no insurance. And, he has a medical condition that needs attention.

If this tugs on your heart and you would like to help him out and show him the true church, you can donate money to help him through this difficult time at BE SURE TO INDICATE "HELPING HANDS (BENEVOLENCE)" FUND and TYPE IN THE FIELD AT THE BOTTOM THAT THIS IS FOR "ALLEN'S INDIAN FRIEND". I'll be sure the money gets to him.


breathe fire said...

Great post Allen. I pray you'll have continued opportunities to befriend him and show him God's love.

niza said...

oh man, you better take care of that squirrel in your place... haha

anne jackson said...

newer North Dallas is very similar to where I live. Big houses, fancy shopping centers....Chris & I went to a comedy show in the city and they even made fun of it - had one of their african american comedians pretend to shop at a grocery store in johnson county...and everyone treated her with a different stereotype. it was funny because it was true. we are so white bread. and i am glad some people have a heart for areas like this....

i just...dont.
thanks for the comment :)

kris said...

that's how God will change society ... one heart encounter at a time. thanks for being bold when it counts.