Monday, October 17, 2005

Prayer tomorrow

Tomorrow it's my turn to lead our 30 minute church staff prayer time. Can't decide what to lead them to pray. We could each pray for 3 of our lost friends. We could pray for clarity in a particular area of each of our ministries. We could pray for more leaders to emerge from the congregation. Just thinking as I type here... Maybe we should use our Barbarian Way discussion guide for this week. It's taken from Erwin's message on David's Mighty Men in 1 Chron 11. We could talk briefly about resolve, tenacity, loyalty, humility, and ingenuity from that text and then pray for each other in whatever area each claims he/she needs to grow in.

Resolve - I've almost completed something that God wants me to do. I need to keep on going.
Tenacity - I will not fight half-hearted. I must do whatever it takes even when others won't.
Loyalty - I need to risk my time, convenience, comfort, career, safety, etc for others in the body of Christ and for those who don't yet know him.
Humilty - I need to humble myself under God's hand and let Him raise me up in due time.
Ingenuity - I need to be creative to do what God wants even though I seem to have inadequate resources.

I think we'll mention each of these five traits, read the corresponding passage from 1 Chronicles 11, take a little individual time to ponder, share as a group which one people need the most of right now. Then we'll break up in threes and pray for that.

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kris said...

very timely ... thanks.