Saturday, October 15, 2005

Homeschool seminar today

Debbie and I attended a houseschool seminar today by Carole Joy Seid about how to get our children to love books. It was a really great seminar. She handed out a list of what she considers the best literature for babies through high school. She also outlined a plan to teach western civilization using literature, history books, art, music, and film.

I have always wished I were more of a reader. I read leadership books or "Christian living" books, but I have never read many of the classics. We've always read to our kids some, but Debbie and I have both wanted to help our kids really love to read. I think that Carole's vision for loving books and the convenient list of resources presented at the seminar will give us the push we need to start our family on the path to loving reading. We just need to stay focused and make reading great books a priority.

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