Monday, October 03, 2005

I ate Indian food today!

A few weeks ago I wrote here about how I feel convicted that I should learn to like more foods of different cultures if I'm going to engage people in those cultures for Christ. People at church who read my blog have been nagging me ever since.

Well... today I gave in and let them take me out to the Sitar Indian Buffet. I'm a big meat and potatos kind of guy, so this was a stretch. I tried just about everything. Most of it wasn't too bad except that some of those flavors hang around in your mouth much longer than I'd like. It turned out that the food wasn't nearly as bad as the conversation. Everybody thought since I was trying new food they should tell stories of the strangest food they'd ever heard of or had ever eaten themselves. One guy told of his five part snake meal... they poured the blood in a glass, the gall bladder bile in another glass... and on and on... he had also been served a chilled goat head on a platter. Another guy talked about people who kill cobras and eat the still beating heart. Between the food and the stories I wondered if I should have brought our "hook bucket" (pronounced like the oo in food). In our family we call throwing up "hook-ing".

It was a good experience... but I still really wanted to go across the street for some On the Border queso afterwards.


kris said...

we're so proud of you .... indian food AND no hook-ing!

Merideth said...

You are hilarious. I don't know how you passed up the OTB queso. It's my favorite!!
MERI <><