Saturday, August 20, 2005

Leadership Summit - P.E.A.C.E.

Thurday Session 2 at the Summit was Rick Warren. Warren brought before the 53,000 viewers of the summit what he thinks are the 5 biggest global problems.

1) Spiritual Emptiness
2) Ego-centric leadership
3) Poverty
4) Disease
5) Illiteracy

He says there is a new reformation brewing... one not of creeds but deeds... not of beliefs but of behaviors.

He says we should follow Luke 10 and find a "man of peace" in our towns, schools, churches, and organizations to help us do the following:

P - lant churches
E - Equip leaders
A - Assist the poor
C - Care for the sick
E - Educate people

I'm not usually big on cute acromyns but Warren's tying together of the five global problems, the Luke 10 man of peace and the five things we should be doing was pretty powerful.

Who are some "men of peace" in your town who could help you tackle some of these 5 global giants?


steve watson said...

I'd like to hear that message. Wonder where I can find it...

Allen Arnn said...

Purpose Driven or Saddleback might have it... or probably has the Leadership Summit 2005 DVDs for sale.