Thursday, August 04, 2005

Back to blogging...

Man.. it's been almost a month since my last entry. I've had lots on my mind but little that I felt like typing in here.

I've been thinking a lot about the family of the church... how much we all need care, love, and encouragement.

Here's something I wrote to our small group leaders at my church:

QUESTION: Could Paul write to the people of Legacy the same thing that he wrote to the Thessalonians?

Paul writes to the Thessalonians…
Now about brotherly love we do not need to write to you, for you yourselves have been taught by God to love each other. And in fact, you do love all the brothers throughout Macedonia. Yet we urge you, brothers, to do so more and more.

Paul was writing about the incredible love these Thessalonians had for others!  This leads me to wonder how someone who has hung around Legacy a while would view us.  When someone spends some time with Legacians I want him to say… “man, you guys at that church really love each other!”  I want him to reel off story after story of how he saw people loving others, caring for others, serving others.  Many of the stories he tells are of Legacy people helping and loving each other through this life.  Many other stories are about Legacy people loving, serving and leading people in the community and world. 

When Jesus wanted to “show the disciples the full extent of His love” he found a wash basin and a towel and began to serve them by washing their feet.  Let’s be about serving each other and truly caring about each other this year… not in a little Christian huddle but rather let’s serve and love each other AS we go about the work of risking, reaching out, and winning our cities with the love of Christ.

Each day ask yourself this question:  “God, how should I love and serve others today?”  Make an Outlook “appointment” with yourself about this if you need to until it becomes a habit.


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