Friday, August 19, 2005

Leadership Summit - Holy Discontent

I don't do a lot these days with Willow Creek but one thing I do attend is their Leadership Summit satellite broadcast because of the great people they have as speakers. I'll journal here some of my thoughts from the 2005 summit earlier this month.

The opening session had Willow Pastor Bill Hybels talking about our "holy discontent". Popeye used to say "That's all I can stands, I can't stands no more!".

Hybels pointed to Biblical figures who got fed up with certain things. They couldn't stand it any more, and they did something about it.

David - you can't mock my God
Nehemiah - we must rebuild the wall

He also mentioned modern day people... Martin Luther King Jr. couldn't stand racial oppression any longer. Bob Pierce started World Vision when he couldn't stand the problem of hungry children any longer.

So what is my holy discontent?

I'm not sure yet what my one big one is, but these things come to the forefront:
1) Organizations with great potential operating in a mediocre way
2) The lack of authentic relationships in my suburb
3) My own lack of discipline
4) Prayerlessness in myself and in churches
5) Racial oppression
6) The Church (universal I mean) being behind when we should be leading the way (esp in things like world relief, leadership skill, creativity)

What is your holy discontent?

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