Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Gifts to give our children - Part 2

One of the gifts we want to give our children while they are with us is the arts. From a very early age my mom gave me a love for music. Even at age five I was interested in classical music and broadway music. She taught me piano for years informally and I owe my love of music still today directly to her.

Though music is the only art I'm remotely good at, I want to also do what I can to encourage any other artistic gifts in our children. I'm not a painter or a sculptor, but I really love to see the work of others gifted in those ways. I love to see a person's creativity (whether they are a good artist or not) come out on paper or some other physical medium.

We are going to try and give our kids all the opportunities we can to express themselves through music, dance, painting, whatever.

So... that's one of the gifts...

the gift of the arts

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