Friday, June 03, 2005

The Character Matrix

I been thinking through Erwin McManus' "Character Matrix". If you haven't heard of that it is a tool to help people grow from self-centered life to being the servant leader that God wants us to be... the trip from greed, foolishness, and pride... TO... generosity, wisdom, and courage. In certain areas of life, I've made it through the matrix but in others I'm still far away. Even when you somewhat go through the matrix in some area of life, you don't stop - you just take another interation through the matrix and grow some more. I have a lot of greed and foolishness.

The Character Matrix is a part of Erwin's Promise Keepers book "Uprising". I think that Erwin has plans to publish the matrix in a form more accessible to everyone (instead of Promise Keepers geared).

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