Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Our Big Announcement!

For many years, God has been growing our hearts for worshiping and growing spiritually in the company of diverse people. We are very excited to begin to live out this desire of doing local church with all people. After several months of searching, praying, listening, and thinking, we have been "officially" invited and have accepted the invitation to join the staff of Mosaic Church of Central Arkansas, an intentionally multiethnic church in Little Rock.

First, Mosaic is about reconciling people to God through Jesus Christ. But, secondarily, they are about being a local church body that is ethnically and economically diverse. In heaven, people from every nation will be worshiping together. Through working with Mosaic, we'll be helping to make that a reality "on earth as it is in heaven".

One difference from this and most other church jobs is that we'll be raising our own support like a missionary would. This is the normal mode of operation for staff who are joining Mosaic. Mosaic is a relatively new church, but it has grown quickly. Because of this growth, there is a need for more staff and leadership. Since Mosaic reaches a diverse population of new Christ-followers and not-yet-Christ-followers, the financial resources just are not there to support the things that need to be done. Mosaic isn't satisfied to simply exist as a small multiethnic body. It has the vision to do excellent ministry with people from all walks of life and all economic backgrounds and to propel forward the movement of multiethnic churches. Because our family is seeking support from our connections outside of Mosaic Church, we'll be able to work as a part of this ministry without being a drain on the finances of that local body. The multiethnic church movement is in its infancy and, like any new mission, requires support from the outside to sustain and grow.

We'll be building a team of people to support us financially as we work under Mosaic's leadership. We are excited about this support-raising aspect. We see these supporters as partners and co-laborers with us in this ministry which we believe is dear to the heart of God.

In the next few days we'll be setting up a family website and blog. We'll be sharing our heart for multiethnic ministry, our progress toward moving to Little Rock, and about our impact once we get there. Our site will also be the hub for our support-raising and for pastoring/informing our support team.

We hope to find financial backing relatively quickly, so that our work at Mosaic can begin by Feb 1, 2007 in time to help prepare for the church's 5 year anniversary.

Please pray with us about these requests as we begin this journey...
1. That our house will sell quickly and for a great price
2. That our support team will be raised up swiftly
3. That God will order our that we are not overwhelmed with all that has to happen in the next few months
4. That God will continue to provide for our family financially as we wait for our move to Little Rock.

Thanks for reading and praying!


GODrums said...


First of all, "Thanks for checking out The Caddywampus Cafe and A New Beginning. This Blogging thing is only a couple of months new and it's been pretty fun and educating.

Second, dude, that is HUGE about moving to Arkansas. I'm originally from Mississippi and have some great memories of a north Arkansas getaway called Hardy. We would camp out on the Spring River and it was a blast.

Third, your blog is pretty cool with the lessons you're putting up and all.

I will be adding you to my blog roll and praying for your family and Mosaic.

Anyways, thanks again and with God's blessings you and your family will make it through.

West Wheeler
P.S. I will be putting up some really cheap, easy and sometimes fun things to do. Hopefully, we'll all learn a thing or two from one another.

Merideth said...

I am pumped about your news! I know there are a ton of emotions going on right now....excitement, fear, among others! Praying for y'all!
MERI <><