Monday, April 26, 2010

A different kind of Sunday

At our church, we have three practices that we focus on. Worship, walk, and work. For quite a while, I've been focused on "work" -- doing things to help our church run in a more healthy way. I've even done that to a degree that it's often been keeping me out of attending worship as I strive to get that one more idea implemented or that one more person engaged.

Yesterday, I think I got back in balance and added a whole new component as well.

I arrived early to do some "work", preparing a few things to help the children's and enfolding ministries run smoothly.

Then, I attended "worship" and participated in great worship and heard an incredible message.

During second service, I did something different. I (along with two friends) decided to "walk" our neighborhood. Our goal was to meet people, to learn more about our neighborhood, and to minister to people we came across. Too often, I think of "walk" as "fellowship with Christian friends". But "walk" is much more than pita chips, spinach dip and cupcakes. That's a party. Parties are good and parties should continue to happen. But, for me, I'm seeing "walk" as much more than walking in fellowship together. I'm seeing our value of "walk" as "walking out the kingdom of God in our neighborhood". When we do that, Christian fellowship will definitely be a byproduct.

Worship... work... walk...

Gotta run... will flesh out more soon...

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