Saturday, December 29, 2007

Good wedding today

Debbie, Emmaleigh and I attended a wedding today of friends at Mosaic. It was good for several reasons:
1) The whole ceremony inspired not only the couple but everyone present to live out what God intends marriage to be.
2) Emmaleigh got to see her small group leader from her 4th grade class at church commit his life to serving his new wife.
3) Great music and worship moments.
4) The groom's cake was awesome chocolate.
5) With marriages on such shaky ground all around us, it was great to see these two so clearly commit to each other. They even signed a covenant of marriage in the ceremony and said in their vows not just "til death do us part" but also "I will never divorce you".
5) The pastor lightened up the mood at times. The bride and groom were Joseph and Molly. The pastor accidentally called them Joseph and Mary once in the wedding.

Good times...

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